my goal for today was the finish writing my one-man show - after I decided it needed a MAJOR rewrite. yay! i have completed it! at the top of the day we had three different scripts, and now we have one streamlined version. my two co-writers came over today and we busted this thing out hardcore and i am very happy about the “final” product. i said final in quotes because the show will continue to take little edits here and there, but i am excited for this version of the script.

i had to switch work space tonight, because laying on my bed wasn’t helping me do any work. i think my kitchen table is definitely gonna have to be where work happens.

tomorrow i start sending the script out to people and performance spaces to see if people are interested in putting it up. yay for being productive. i will definitely keep you all updated on the happenings of the show. we’re aiming to do it march 14th somewhere here in nyc.