I’m finally at peace with my book issues.

(These are the books I bought myself for Christmas).

Digital versus print is my main issue and has been for quite some time. As the (former) owner of a Kindle and the current owner of an iPad, digital books always seemed like the way to go. Especially since I travel for work and have to be very conscious of the weight of my suitcases, books were always a little bit of a hassle.

But, I’m not really on tour. I’m not traveling around. I’m sitting in one place until further notice. More importantly, I’ve always dreamed of having a big library in my future apartment in NYC. Can you imagine having a gorgeous library in your NYC apartment/home? A library to rival all personal libraries. I can’t do that digitally.

The breakthrough happened on Christmas Eve. I walked into Barnes and Noble and felt something that I only feel when I walk into a bookstore. I don’t get the same feeling when I buy a book online and finish it on my device. I love the way the book feels, smells, the font that is chosen, the paper that’s chosen, everything. I looked around and couldn’t wait to search for my next favorite book.

So, it’s settled. I’m going to buy real life print books. When I have a box of them I’m gonna mail them to my parents’ house and then whenever I move back to NYC I will get that box and build my library. Done and done.